Tuesday, October 27, 2009

feeling like poo

Ughhh. I'm a sick Lexi. When I am sick, I get a bit whiny (ask Steve!), and I am a bit of a baby about it too. I don't mean to be, but I am. I stayed home today, as I was up all night, not feeling well. I'm a bit better now, though my head still hurts, a lot. I actually slept from 8am until almost 2pm and am still exhausted, but if I sleep more, I'll never fall asleep tonight. I hate that too, that is the worst, when you can't fall asleep at night. I have trouble sleeping enough as it is, so I don't want to make it worse.

This isn't good, as I have a lot going on this week. Last night I was supposed to go the the info session for the teaching fellows program that I mentioned, but I didn't go. I just didn't feel like metroing all the way to Hyattsville and then finding their library. There will be others, I will go to another one. I have dinner plans tomorrow night with some of my favorite girls and then an old friend from home is in DC on business, so I am supposed to see her later in the week. I haven't seen her in years, so it will be nice to catch up. Oh, and I decided not to go to Iowa this weekend for the pirate wedding. I'll be there for Thanksgiving, which will be fine, but this weekend, I really just need a quiet weekend to myself. I have several things to do, so I'll be busy.

This past weekend I went to the used book sale at the Arlington Library that I'm sure I've mentioned before. We went Sunday afternoon, and on Sunday, everything is half-price. I bought 19 books for a whopping $25. I found two great quilting books and several Christmas-y books about holiday recipes, crafts, etc, so those will be nice. I also found a few children's books and two different copies of A Christmas Carol by Dickens, which is something I collect, along with 'Twas The Night Before Christmas. They are both on my favorites list and of course, supporting the library is fun. Funny though, when I was packing up my books, I had brought along a canvas tote bag from my library at home in NH. The girl ringing me up saw it, and asked if I was from NH...I said yes, and turned out, she is from a town about five towns away! Small world, this city sure is.

I bought a super cute pair of shoe from Target too. I will have to post a picture, but I am waiting, because I may have ordered a pair of boots from there too, so I will post them all at once. I am really hard on shoes. I don't know why, but I end up destroying them, so I find myself often needing shoes. It's an actual legitimate need too; not just me saying how much I need a puppy (which I do too!) My mother even notices and tells me to go shoe shopping, haha.

I need to do some quilting over the weekend too. I have several quilt tops that are finished, but I need to finish them! I've still been finding some great fabrics from etsy and have been reading many quilting blogs for ideas. Several people post patterns and tutorials, which is nice, since most of the time, I don't know what I am doing :) When I finish some things, I will post pictures, though right now, I don't have too much to show for myself. I did organize my fabric last weekend, and I found a great basket in my closet that is perfect for scraps, so that was an excellent thing.

Oh yes, and I have a new World Vision baby! She's a two-year old from South Africa called Boikokobetso and she's just the sweetest thing you've ever seen. I know a bit about South Africa and their educational system. They have 11 national languages (!!!), so I wondered which one she speaks. I wrote to WV and they responded and said that she speaks Northern Sotho, so I will need to find some books written in N.S. to send to her! She lives with her single mother, three sisters and one brother. I don't know the ages of her siblings, I hope to find out. I'm excited to get to know my new family member! Does anyone have any insight about South Africa that they could share?

How was your weekend? What did you do? Are you doing anything for Halloween? Want to bring over some ginger ale and rye toast for me?


Mzchef said...

I am sorry you are sick, but at least you don't have to go to that stupid wedding thing. Love you!

Kirsty said...

feel better soon lexilooooo xxx

magda said...

awww feel better soon, and THREE CHEERS FOR NO PIRATES! Seriously. I really hope you're well enough to come out tonight; being sick is no fun. Hang in there!

Rachel H. said...

Hope you are feeling better, so you can get do everything that you want to do this week! :)

Blair said...

I'm sorry you sick! I hope you feel better!

Jill said...

I hope you're feeling better. Your new sponsorship baby sounds precious. Are you allowed to show us photos?

I might attend a Halloween party on Saturday. I'm designing windows at the airport on Saturday afternoon so I don't know how I'll feel after working. We'll see?

I wish we lived close. I'd rather hang out with you on Halloween. I'd be happy to bring bring you some ginger ale and rye toast. :)

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

Feel better Lexiloo!!!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I haven't been to a book sale like that in so long... Great finds!