Wednesday, October 7, 2009

swapping fun!

So I am currently involved with three swaps and have just signed up for another one! They are a lot of fun, wouldn't you agree?

I will post about two of them at the end of the week. One was a crafty swap and the other, a fall swap. The third one, relates to quilting, where we swap fabric squares!

Here is the link for the last one, as this one is still open to signups. It's a Spooky Sugar Swap, hosted by Beantown Prepster. How can you not love a Halloween themed swap?! Sign up by this Friday!


Rachel H. said...

I love swaps!! :)

Marina Fligueira said...

Hola, creo que entiendes lo escribo, por que en mi blog lo has hecho en español. Felicidades por el tuyo y por el consejo... lo tendré en cuenta. Un beso. ¿Y por que lo de abuelos? ¡Deja tu nombre! que nada pasa.

Kristin said...

I just did a college football swap and it was a blast!