Thursday, October 15, 2009

top heavy!

Apparently my blog is over the top, so says Lacey! So, she gave me this lovely award!


In order to accept this award I have to answer the following questions and then pass the love onto six other bloggers, so here goes:
1.Where is your cell phone: in my purse on the floor, because I don't get reception in my new building...boooo! send me emails!
2.Your hair: is a bit crazy today, because of the rain
3.Your mother: is so amazing and encouraging
4.Your father: is so supportive and wise
5.Your favorite food: clam chowdah, deviled eggs (I will so serve them at my wedding!) and snowballs from the William Tell
6.Your dream from last night: I can't remember one
7.Your favorite drink: orange juice, Earl Grey tea
8.Your dream/goal: publish a book or two, live abroad again for an extended time (with my children, so they experience it too), adopt internationally, and have a corgi and a Polish puppy that I am obsessed with, called owczarek podhalanski (they are HUGE dogs!)
9.What room are you in: my little cubicle, three stories underground
10.What is your hobby: cooking/baking, visiting wineries, quilting
11.What is your fear: moth and dragonflies. they freak me out. a lot. silly, I know.
12.Where do you want to be in 6 years: married, baby or two, corgi (or two!), house, career, book in the works!
13.Where were you last night: dinner at Uno's with Steve and his parents who are visiting. Steve and I tried their new lobster blt pizza. it sounds bizarre, I know, but it was very good!
14.Something you are not: fearless
15.Muffins: lemon poppyseed
16.Wish list items: puppy, engagement, salary increase, Martha's Encyclopedia of Crafts, a new pair of Uggs
17.Where did you grow up: Lakes Region of, so lovely!
18.Last thing you did: chatted with my boss about a reception Monday night that I am volunteering at
20.Your TV: I got rid of cable a year ago and I don't use the tv at all. I should get rid of it.
21.Your pets: I want a corgi. we know this :)
22.Your friends: so wonderful
23.Your life: is a bit crazy sometimes
24.Your mood: not feeling too hot right now
25.Missing someone: always
26.Vehicle: I take the metro
27.Something you're not wearing: sweater, but wishing I had one! it's cold!
28.Your favorite store: Williams Sonoma, Barnes and Noble, Target, Gap
29.Your favorite color: red
30.When's the last time you laughed: earlier, during a staff meeting
31.When's the last time you cried: a couple days ago
32.Your best friend: She's too far away (distance-wise) :(
33.One place you go over and over: Target, Borders
34.One person who emails me regularly: my mum, a few friends, my sister, my dad
35.Favorite place to eat: the William Tell, Elephant & Castle, Matchbox
I am supposed to tag six of you, but I'd rather you all do it, so I can see your answers :)


Anonymous said...

this is perfect! i'm too lazy to put together a real post so this works for me : )

and moths? really? i'm only afraid of the damage they do

Rachel H. said...

So glad that you posted's definitely fun and you learn so much about people! :)

Mzchef said...

Love you. Miss you!

Beth Dunn said...

I have not left my house in 2 days because the rain totally messes up my hair. xoxo