Wednesday, May 7, 2008


My father just sent me the link for the craigslist ad where he has posted my car for sale. Now, I should say that if you want to be techical, it really is my parents car, not MY car...but I drove it all through college, before and after Poland, and then for a while before I moved to DC. I knew I didn't need or want a car here in the city, so it remained in NH in my parents driveway. When I was home, I'd sometimes drive it, or another car, if my sister had Ruby that day (yes, I named her Ruby...Ruby Red...)

Some people (ie, my boyfriend!) find it amazing that I've never owned a car of my own. He apparently bought a used junker at 16 and never looked back. I suppose I would have bought one eventually, should my life have taken my elsewhere, but in a city with a reasonably good public transportation, why would I want a car? Parking is horrendous, traffic is awful and I don't even like to think about gas prices, so I don't, since they don't affect me. Really though, I have no need for a car of my own right now. Maybe someday, but not this one.

Still though, seeing that craigslist ad tugged a few of my heartstrings. I have such fond memories of that car! She came with me to CT my senior year, and I drove all over the place, despite my claiming not to. I remember two days after I brought the car down after begging and pleading with my parents to let me, I was on I-95 driving to New Haven to help at a campaign event, when a huge piece of asphault flew up from a mack truck and smashed into my windshield. My passengers and I were fine, but Ruby needed a new one. Poor girl. Many other trips to New Haven soon followed, along with trips to the diner at 2am, drives to the beach to play on the swings and other adventures in the Nutmeg State. She was packed up tight as I drove home to NH after graduation, tears falling from my eyes.

Ahhhh, the memories....

Ruby, you'll be missed!

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