Sunday, May 4, 2008

Why do weekends end so soon?

I ran over to Eastern Market today and discovered that it was the Market Fest, so there were street dancers and music and all sorts of great things. I bought some lemons and limes, since I forgot them at Wegmans yesterday. I also bought a vintage map of both New Hampshire and Iowa that will look good in frames. Also, there is a local artist that I like, Mary Belcher and I bought a few of her hand-painted notecards. I'll likely frame them for my kitchen rather then actually sending them.

I've been into Susan Branch's artwork lately too. I found a few of her prints, matted in frames on ebay, and they are now in my kitchen!

I made a little lemon-pepper chicken for dinner, with asparagus and snow pea pods. Yum. Now I should do the dishes, eh? I wish I had a dishwasher...


Lucie said...

So when I visit DC... are you gonna cook some lemon chicken for me? It is great to see you have a blog! We should catch up some time soon!

Lauren said...

For some reason, I love vintage maps! I think they look so neat framed and hanging up. Nice finds!