Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday night

Another Sunday night....

It has been a productive weekend. Steve went to Iowa at the last minute, his father was in the hospital, but is okay. He's at the airport now, waiting for his flight back, which was apparently delayed.

I went to Old Town (Alexandria) yesterday. I had a few things to exchange at the Gap outlet, so I figured it was okay to help stimulate the economy, since I got my check Friday (yay!). I picked up a few things there and then stopped by Nine West where they were having a buy one, get one half off sale. I found a pair of sandals that are almost exactly sure what I was looking for (I'm not totally sure exactly what I was looking for!) and then found another pair that I LOVED...but of course, they didn't have my size (11...ughhhh!), so I asked the sales girl if there were more in the back. She said she knew they didn't have any of those, but would call another store. Turns out, there was a pair at Potomac Mills in my, I ordered them and they are going to ship them to me! Yippie! So, successful trip indeed.

I also went to Bread and Chocolate, which I love, and had the German pancakes with berries....raspberries and delish! I sat there with those and a vanilla latte reading Three Cups of Tea. It was lovely. Have you read it? What did you think?

Today was more boring. I cleaned out my closet. I now have FIVE garbage bags full of clothes that I need to donate to the Salvation Army. There is actually a drop-off facility a few blocks from me, but I can't walk down there with all of them, so I'll wait for Steve to help me, since he has a car and I do not. My closets are so orderly! Love it!

Tonight is the finale for Survivor. I love this. Do you watch it?

Now I'm full of pierogi....yummmmm.

I want to go to Preakness next weekend.

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