Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So my first (of two) summer classes began tonight and I LOVE IT!!! Background- I'm finishing up year one (of two) of an MA in International Education. I do already have a Masters, but another? Why the heck not? I'm especially interested in literacy development and library building in developing nations. Interesting? I'd say yes. The class I have Wednesday afternoons for the next six weeks is Childrens Literature. It seems really fantastic. There will be a good amount of work, but all really worthwhile and interesting projects. One assignment is to read to a group of children of varying ages. We do this twice, so maybe once a group of first graders and then second time, maybe to just one or two four-year olds. Aside from the reading, we have to create a few questions for the children before, during and after reading, and then analyze their reactions. So, I am looking forward to it.

We spent time going around the room (there are only about 12 students) talking about our favorite stories as children. It was so refreshing to hear what stories others remembered and loved from their childhood and we all had many favorites in common! It was also fun, because often, one would say their favorite, and it would trigger a memory to the rest of us, so someone would say their favorite, and there would be a chorus of "ohhh, I loved that book!" and "ohhhh yeah, me too!"

So, I think it will be a good class and I am excited about it. That's a good thing, eh?

Okay- dinner time--- I made pierogi!


Capitol Hill 20210 said...

Good for you - I am working on my second masters as well, I like school.... however I am taking the summer off due to traveling all over the place.

Mine is more criminal justice related. Its nice to know other 2nd masters seekers out there.

Jess said...

Children's lit classes are always great. I had one in college about African children's lit that was just fascinating.