Monday, May 12, 2008

MIA sweater...

Do you often lose things? I have an adorable black button up cardigan that has gone missing in a most mysterious way.

I seriously have no idea where it could have gone.

I bought it at H&m not too long ago...maybe January? I can't find it.


I've searched my (small) apartment. It's not there. It was not left at Steve's, I've looked and asked him. I went home for a weekend in February and thought maybe I left it there, but I asked my parents, they looked and its not there. It is not at my office. I cleaned my closets this weekend, hoping I'd find it...but no such luck.

I have no idea where it could possibly be and this is driving me nuts.

Has this happened to you? What went missing and where did you find it?


Lauren said...

Currently in my house we have around seven tupperware bowls and two covers for them. Where the rest went we have no clue.

I'm convinced the cats ate them.

Jackie said...

I lost my favorite white cardigan (for the A/C) that went with all my spring and summer dresses. I wore it the day of my college graduation and KNEW I had left it on the back of my couch in my apartment, like slung over the back....I moved the next day and somehow it disappeared in the move. I was really sad, searched high and low in my new place, at my parent's house, and at my old apartment (one of my old roommates still lived there) and then like a year later my mom found it in a laundry basket in her garage. At least I got it back though!